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About the designer

May has a continuing fascination with all things related to nature and energy. Over the years, she has embarked on an endless journey of self-discovery and holistic healing.

Her passion for nature began as a child, and it expanded during her visit to Germany years ago, where she went on endless walks in the forest and discovered her deep interest in leaves. She began collecting every different shape she found. Her hosting family gave her a botanical encyclopedia, which helped her start an herbarium. Leaves never left her mind.

She found joy in studying ancient Egyptian history, worked as a tour guide for years where she found peace in the historical sights. Touched by the symbols, May felt a deep connection with them.

 Combining her love for nature and history, she used ancient  hand-printing techniques to create natural leaf patterns on her pieces. With her introduction to holistic studies, color therapy, and her deep knowledge of human energy she aims to create pieces that bring joy and balance into people’s lives. It is an expression of all the knowledge she has learned and continues to learn in her everyday life.

About the Brand

MIM is a mixture of nature, history, and fashion.

We take pride in returning to our roots and using ancient hand printing techniques reviving our heritage and history.

We stand with diversity and individuality of each customer.

A piece of our soul is in every piece you purchase.

Every piece is unique, authentic, and one of a kind.