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Our Techniques

Printing leafs from Nature

Botanical leaves, the  divine form in creation. Every leaf has its own  unique  character  and its very  own story to tell, leaving  a beautiful  individual  print on your  purchased items,  which makes every piece  as unique  as its  wearer.

Color through Ornaments

Throughout  our history,  symbols and patterns, has played a great role in  decorating almost everything. from this big treasure and source we get inspirations reflecting the beauty  of  the  past.

Block print

Carved wooden and linoleum  blocks with various motifs and  patterns, give our products  a vintage flair. Our heritage and history being so rich in art and symbols, are our source of inspiration.

Sun printing

The cyan blue print is a photographic printing process , that was first discovered in 1842.
We prepared our natural fabric in a darkroom in a photosensitive solution. The fabric has been afterwards exposed to the sun light , and the magic between light and shades begins, leaving the very special imprint of each individual leaf from mother nature on each piece.

This procedure demands patience and more patience to achieve this deep blue and rich indigo color, resonating with the third eye, favored and appreciated by all ancient civilizations for its special and beneficial frequencies.

Let the sun shine
Love &Light